Free Mercedes Screensaver

Free Mercedes Screensaver

The screensaver takes you through the history of Mercedes industry
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This screensaver takes a tour about the history of one of the most famous car industries. Mercedes was founded in 1883 by Karl Benz and it became a pride of the German industry with its unmistakable logo.
Mercedes-Benz has, over the years, introduced many technological and safety innovations that have become common in modern cars buses and trucks. The screensaver reflects, the passion, the beauty and the elegance of the best car in the world.
The effects are so vivid, that you feel inside of one of this cars, the awesome transition effects, the high-quality images, the variety of camera viewpoints, allows you to imagine driving one of this dream cars throw the highway, sitting on its safe and anatomically designed seat, hitting the pedal hardly, feeling the beast inside. If you are a fan, you will experience great sensations with this screensaver, no matter how old you are. Although the effects are great, the nicest feature is the car itself, its incomparable beauty makes forgot you the price.

Review summary


  • Great transition effects
  • Awesome graphics and color


  • Need more pictures to show
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